Flag Fake Yelp Reviews for Removal

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PURPOSE: This site is intended to balance the defamatory attacks levelled against businesses through fake, malicious reviews on Yelp.com, and for which Yelp often refuses to remove unless the victim pays for premium services. Yelp also “filters” genuine positive reviews from view, resulting in the appearance of lower ratings.

How to Flag a Yelp Review

Even though Yelp has a filtering system, false and defaming reviews haunt many business owners around the world. Makes you question how well the Yelp Filter actually works… but since fake reviews are not allowed by Yelp, you can flag defaming reviews for removal.

You will need to proof that a review violates Yelp’s Terms of Service or Content Guidelines. After flagging the review, a Yelp administrator will review your case.

#1. Click the flag icon

REport review icon flagBelow the defaming Yelp review, you will see a flag icon in the right-hand corner. Click this icon to flag the review.

#2. Choose your reason for complaint

A dropdown shows options that describe your issue with the review. These options reflect the Content Guidelines of Yelp. If you convince the Yelp administrator that the review is in violation with one or more of these guidelines, Yelp will remove the review.

Flag Yelp Review for Removal
#3. Submit a comprehensive response

In your response, you need to clearly reference the Guidelines to argument where the review is in violation. Include evidence where you can to support your claim.

$4. Wait… Respond, depending on your case.

It usually takes 3-5 days for Yelp to respond with their decision to remove or keep the Yelp review. In the meantime, you can take the time to respond to the review. However, if the review is less than ten days old, we would recommend you to wait. If you do choose to respond, follow these tips.
There is no guarantee Yelp will remove the review after you flagged it. But we have seen many cases where reviews were removed within a few days. It’s always worth a shot right…

Ever flagged a Yelp Review? Leave your experience in the comments, we’d love to hear from you…