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Enhance Product Development is based in Minneapolis. EnhancePD is an industrial design firm serving brand-name consumer product companies, start-ups and inventors. The firm is also the inventor of VaBroom. VaBroom is the world’s pioneer Smart Broom.

What drives Enhance Product Development

Ever since its beginnings in May of 2010, Enhance Product Development has secured itself as an industry pillar in the area of product design and licensing. Historically, Enhance Product Development has designed and licensed intellectual property to existing companies who then produce, distribute, and promote them in exchange for a royalty. Numerous of these goods have sold millions of items. With the expansion, Enhance will also manufacture and distribute some of its impressive and cutting edge design-forward products.

Enhance product development creation

Enhance has a passion and drive to build relevant solutions that resonate with their buyers. The personnel is curious, inquisitive, rational, unconventional, and at times a bit edgy. Enhance takes joy in the open partnership with their clienteles and has a tendency to push the limits of standard thinking. Their purpose is to provide cost-effective solutions with intrinsic value that produce results.

Enhance’s New Direction

For nearly a decade, Enhance Product Development has been designed, built, and licensed items. However, in 2019 the business has a new target: bring things to market, direct to consumer. After ten years in this field, the Enhance team is ready to move into a new area and take on a new challenge.

License your Product

Enhance also helps inventors to license their creation to make royalties. The company has formed an exclusive system to make the most success whilst minimizing out-of-pocket cost. The developers and licensing staff work with items to formulate revolutionary solutions that allow inventors to obtain their goals cost-effectively.

Enhance Product Development
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Suction power


Enhance Product Development's VaBroom combines a stylish and lightweight broom with a strong built-in micro-vacuum that effectively gets rid of the need for a dustpan. As with a standard sweeper, the user sweeps the clutter into a line or pile, but instead of reaching for a dustpan, the pressure-activated nozzle sucks the mess up into an easy to disable debris container.


  1. lori - Reply

    I came up with an idea while I was enjoying a vacation. I drew up some sketches, did some research online about how to market a product. I found Enhance Product Development and engaged them. Not knowing anything about the invention process I was gratefully matched with a team member who was patient and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with every step. The Enhance team was great to work with. They seemed to understand my concept and took my idea to a whole new level. I would definitely recommend Enhance and absolutely use the company again.

  2. Joann - Reply

    Enhance Product Development killed my dream, BUT THIS WAS A GOOD THING! Sometimes an inventor loves her idea so much, that she can’t see the deficiencies in the idea. Thankfully, Enhance Product Development’s CEO very gently, and respectfully helped me to see the flaws. I abandoned the project, and my family is much happier because they have my full attention again; they were afraid to hurt my feelings about my silly little invention 🙂

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