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For every entrepreneur that wants to take his/her company to the next level, JT Foxx developed the JT Foxx Dream Team event. This event offers the ideal combination of top-level training, interactive participant interaction and relationship-building chances. What makes this occasion different is it that it’s about you, your business and your suggestions. The program is made for all levels of experience in business.

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What does the JT Foxx Dream Team do

Whether you possess an existing organization or simply started a brand-new organization, JT Foxx Dream Team offers you the platform to address your particular requirements with high-level, knowledgeable coaches. JT Foxx himself selects these trainers.

The objective of JT Foxx Dream Team is partnering with the instructors and developing an action plan with methods to implement based on your organization requirements. These methods will naturally include specifics jobs which are to be actioned and completed within the next 30, 60 and 90 days.

The event likewise permits you to leave your comfort zone by participating in the ‘Hotseat’ session. This is where each participant is seated in the center of the room in direct engagement with the panel of coaches. Throughout which your most urgent concerns and obstacles will be resolved.

You can network with various other similar business owners in the group, and learn about each other’s business in an interactive group coaching setting while collaborating and making new business connections.
Cover a selection of company topics, consisting of Advertising, Branding, Time Management, Business Operations and Processes and, Strategic Development.

What do participants think of JT Foxx Dream Team

Julie Solomon is one of the hundreds of people who is coached by the JT Foxx Dream Team. She enrolled in the business coaching along with 4 days group training from the Dream Team. The staff from JT Foxx organization interviewed her and established what she required from the coaching. She was coupled with Coach Shaun that concentrates on advertising and marketing and branding.

According to her, she profited tremendously from these training sessions. She took the recommendations aboard and introduced the principle of Branding by Association. With much success! “Oh my goodness, I could barely keep up with all the passion, phone calls, additional inquiries that came pouring in as a result of this.” The same month and 3 months after, she doubled the amount of sales.

Another prosperous business owner is Lucie Légaré. She joined the JT Foxx Events after determining she wanted to make a job from writing and talking. Lucie and her partner Tim went in, anticipating hardcore marketing and were established not to be deceived by some “hocus-pocus magician” on stage. She discovered the main event to be full of important information, which made her decide to purchase the Dream Team Bundle with Damien for 4 days. These coaching days for her were worth everything: “There are no words to describe just how meeting JT and Jim and having the whole organization as a family is making a remarkable positive impact in my life, as well as in the life of my home.”

“These coaching days have inspired me to check out my business in a brand-new light and re-energized me to drive it to the next level.” – Dee Dee Quah

In case you are not familiar with JT

JT Foxx is very sharp when it comes to analyzing people, he can take a look at you and get’s a pretty good idea what you are all about in less than a minute. – Huni Hunfjord

JT Foxx is a prosperous serial business owner that possesses business, brands and company interests throughout the world. He is just one of the leading platform speakers on the planet and is considered the World’s # 1 Wealth Coach as heard and seen on television, radio and print. Additionally, JT is also a media and TV personality. Presently he works on a brand-new company reality program. However, what truly is close to JT’s heart are his philanthropic undertakings with young entrepreneurs and kids with cancer.

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