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Darla Torrez, a midwife in Missoula, Montana.

Darla Torrez is a certified midwife from Missoula, Montana. Darla’s midwifery training was acquired from both apprenticeship and formal schooling. She began learning midwifery and other aspects of alternative health care following the home birth of her third child in 1986 and attending births as an assistant in 1991 after the homebirth of her fourth baby.

She went through her academic education and intensive clinical training in 1997, at Maternidad La Luz, a high– volume birth center and country-wide certified direct-entry midwifery institution located in El Paso, TX. In 2004, Darla Torrez was fully accredited by the State of Montana’s Board Of Alternative Health Care, which looks after both Certified Midwives and Naturopathic Physicians. Presently, she is also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Montana Midwifery Association.

Besides Midwifery, Darla also has more than thirty years of experience as a Clinical Herbalist. Through private consultations, she offers personalized herbal blends, specialty medicinal teas, syrups, and salves, specially designed for postpartum care. She specializes in Women’s Health and Autoimmune Disorders.

At the moment, Darla Torrez is a midwife at Tierra Madre Midwifery. Tierra Madre Midwifery is located in Missoula, Montana, and serves areas within a 120-mile radius. Darla Torrez provides thorough midwifery services consisting of Home Birth, Hospital Labor Support, and Well Woman Care.

Home birth

darla torrez tierra madre midwiferyThis is a pivotal and amazing time in the history of American childbirth. Obstetrical care in the US is getting more interventive and impersonal. This is why there is a significant increase in expecting women and their families opting for the midwifery model of assistance. Throughout the world, including those nations with the most effective results for both mother and baby, such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Scandinavia, and New Zealand, midwives give primary care to the vast majority of mamas and their infants. The World Health Organization has actually stated that midwives are “the most appropriate and economical type of health care provider to be assigned to the care of regular pregnancy and regular birth, including risk assessment and the recognition of complications.” Several types of research have demonstrated that midwife-attended home birth is at the very least as safe as hospital birth, with much fewer interventions.

Nevertheless, safety is not the only and even the greatest benefit to homebirth. Think of a world in which a laboring woman is assisted by a competent professional who has looked after her throughout pregnancy, knows her background, her family, her hopes, and concerns. This woman never needs to leave the comfort of her selected birth setting, can have her child in a bathtub of warm water or in her very own bed, surrounded by those she loves. The midwife silently monitors the development of labor and the health of her child, sits by her side, safeguarding the passage of a brand-new life into the world. No bright lights, intravenous drips, or shift adjustments. Her child is birthed right into a place of soft hands and soothing voices and never leaves her side throughout the precious, essential hrs after birth. This is what homebirth has to provide. It is a gift that women offer to their children and themselves, transformative, remarkable, and healthy. According to Darla Torrez, this is childbirth as it is meant to be. She also supports water births because of the benefits water births offer.

Birth Supplies Package from Darla Torrez.

Darla Torrez created a Tierra Madre Midwifery Birth package, which has a collection of products necessary for your home birth. Every person needs to have these products, whether or not you are preparing to do a waterbirth. If you are scheduling a waterbirth you should add required things from the “Waterbirth Essentials “package to your order. You can also get a lot of the things on your” Homebirth Preparation & Supplies” handout, in addition to various other great things you might like to have for your birth, postpartum, or newborn. Tierra Madre Midwifery Birth Package is available here.

Darla’s Medical profile.

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