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PURPOSE: This site is intended to balance the defamatory attacks levelled against businesses through fake, malicious reviews on, which Yelp often refuses to remove. Yelp also “filters” genuine positive reviews from view, resulting in the appearance of lower ratings. Reviews Inmate Phone Calls Service reviews is conscious that Prisoner Collect Calls are expensive. Specifically, long distance collect phone calls from prison, which cost even more. review lowers those expenses and helps people to stay in contact with their loved ones at a more affordable price. GlobalTel is a 100% verified, FCC registered and safe Telephone Company that specifies in low-cost jail calls to inmates.

How Reviews functions

The phone carriers in the prisons decide the cost per call on how far you are located from the facility. The closer you are to the facility, the cheaper your calls. reviews will give you a local number to the prison. This will allow you to receive the prison calls for the most affordable price on the market.

Receiving cheap global inmate phone calls from an inmate located in a U.S. based prison or jail is straightforward with GlobalTel’s international inmate phone service. If you currently receive international collect calls from an inmate or pre-paying for the worldwide prisoner phone calls from a U.S. situated jail, GlobalTel reviews promises to save you money on your worldwide inmate phone calls.

How Reviews Works

Inmate phone providers have been over-charging people for international inmate phone calls for years. GlobalTel now has the ability to route these inmate phone calls to your international home phone or mobile phone for 80% less than what you are presently spending for global calls from U.S. based penitentiaries and jails. has many satisfied international customers receiving cheap international inmate calls in nearly every major nation in the globe. So wherever you are in the world, reviews and guarantees to do whatever they can to decrease the expense of your international inmate telephone tab. Prices

GlobalTel’s international jail call month-to-month service plan fee is just $45.99 for 90 Days. You will get a Special Jail Phone Number along with $45.99 worth of inmate calls forwarded to your international phone number. The call charges will be subtracted from your balance every time your inmate makes a call to your Special Jail Phone Number.

The benefits of GlobalTel compared to other similar services are countless. It only takes 5 minutes to sign up and you can terminate at any time. Customers receive limitless call time where phone calls are rerouted to your phone. GlobalTel has regional and international service.

GlobalTel has been investigated by numerous third parties. You can read the investigation and review here.

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