Mortgage Broker Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm Return from Online Defamation

After dealing with online harassment and losing an abundance of potential clients, Graeme continues to grow his business intensively. In an interview with the Advisor, Graeme shared why he went from running circuits to running a multi-award-winning brokerage. You can hear the podcast here.

Graeme Holm mortgage brokerMortgage broker and financial coach, Graeme Holm, is the driving force behind Infinity Group Australia. Together with his wife Rebecca, he founded the business out of Bec’s grandparents’ place in Port Macquarie. Infinity’s clients range from young rent-vestors to couples with families and baby boomers, who want to get ahead.

Besides focusing on positive investment yield courtesy of markets, Greame Holm noted his passion was to offer “financial personal training”. His company teaches clients to budget, plan and account for their expenditure. He believes budgeting, planning and discipline are key to become financially free in 7-10 years instead of 30. 

Southeast Queensland popular to interstate investors

Recently, Southeast Queensland is increasing in popularity for interstate investors. Graeme sees this first hand. His clients are increasingly interested in the Queensland area to secure their return on investment. He told the Courier Mail that he has 500 clients looking to invest in the area, which he expects to grow to 800 this year. 

Graeme Holm’s History

Graeme Holm is a self-proclaimed Housing Commission kid from Wollongong, Australia. There he grew up with his grandparents and single mother. Coming from a humble background, Graeme began his financial career when he was just 18. Now, Graeme has a career of 17 years within financial services. After almost a decade in the major banking environment, Graeme became tired of only pushing one type of branded products and service offerings. Graeme was appalled when he learned that most families in Australia receive a poor deal from financial institutions directly. This provided him the inspiration to start his company where he aims to fix and change the lives of Australians financially. 

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