Jamie Fan Wei Zhi

Jamie Fan Wei Zhi – Former Business Development Manager Healthway Medical

Jamie Fan Wei Zhi was the Business Development Manager of Healthway Medical Corporation Limited. 

Jamie Fan Wei Zhi Healthway MedicalHealthway Medical is a leading private healthcare provider with one of the largest networks of clinics and medical centers in Singapore. The Group operates and manages 91 clinics and medical centers across Singapore. These facilities are located across the country, as well as within major private hospitals. The Group started operations in 1990 to provide accessible, affordable, and quality medical services to their patients. To this day, Healthway Medical continues to be committed to this mission. 


In 2013 and 2014, Jamie Fan Wei Zhi operated as a reputable Business Development Manager for the Healthway Medical Group. In this role, she managed a 10-clinic outpatient general and dental practice with more than 70 employees in Shanghai, China. She boosted revenue by 30% by restructuring management and improving critical operational elements. Additionally, she helped develop three brand-new Family Medicine and Pediatric outpatient clinics within budget and a six months schedule. Besides boosting revenue, Jamie Fan also reduced operating expenses by 23%. This was achieved by reorganizing staff and schedules, streamlining billing and reducing non-essential spending.

Later in 2014, Jamie Fan Wei Zhi continued working as a Business Development Manager for the International Healthway Corporation, where she led M & A deals in Singapore and Australia. In Victoria, Australia, she negotiated and concluded property acquisition deals of $120M. She furthermore acquired $100M in debt financing to support M & A exercises by building common objectives with financiers. Jamie Fan also started the launch of the first two bond issues of $100M with Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). 

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