World Markets reviews Gold Investments

World Markets & Gold Investments

World Markets believes that people who invest in gold store the value of money for thousands of years. Until the beginning of last century gold coins were still circulating as currency. Gold was the basis of national currencies backed up by Gold Standard.

Gold, in particular, tends to rise in value in reaction to events that usually cause the price of supplies and fiat currencies to decrease. Gold has been keeping a high standing throughout countless years of human civilization as a store of value. Gold proves its stability even in times of economic crises and political tensions. For example, during the global financial crisis between 2007 and 2009, the price of increased steadily.

For this reason, World Markets believes that gold investments are a crucial part of any portfolio, as it is a fantastic “hedge” versus other currencies”.

Equally today, gold is a highly valued form of investment. Traditional investors prefer to hold physical platinum, gold or silver bullion, the struggle with the idea of digital tokens over a tangible asset. However, others embrace the concept of digital holding over tangible assets of precious metals.

World Markets points out many advantages:

  • stability of physical gold
  • speed
  • low-costs
  • security and traceability of transactions
  • all documents travel from owner to owner with each transaction
  • a specialist can authenticate the gold
  • each transaction is digitally signed
  • no possibility of buying “fake” digital gold
  • blockchain transparency
  • chance to verify the ethical source of gold

The benefits of trading in digital gold are apparent

Technologically digital gold is effectively being a blockchain-based digital token similar to Bitcoin. Except, unlike Bitcoin, it is backed by a real-world value of physical actual gold reserves.

The owners of digital gold don’t need to store their gold investments as they are held in vaults belonging to the token issuer who takes care of both – storage and insurance.

World Markets understand all these benefits of digital currency and offer the service or purchasing “digital gold” through their premier partner BullionVault. Together, they endeavour to make sure that their clients are buying gold for the very best price in a very safe way. Naturally, your “digital gold” will undoubtedly be asset-backed by real gold.

The process of trading gold with World Markets Partners

BullionVault assists World Markets’ clients to acquire real physical gold anytime and anywhere. It is a priority for World Market to have a reputation of a trustworthy and secure business which is essential in this area of trade.

Everyone wishes to do business with a company that comprehends the need for security, works effectively, offers the best prices on the market and is continually liquid. World Markets claim to be all of that for their clients.

World Markets’ partner BullionVault is the globe’s largest gold investment service. It has more than $2 billion in its custody for over 75,000 customers. On its part, it is partly owned by GBIT and Augmentum Capital.

The clients decide in which of the specially designed vaults, located in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York – their physical gold bars will be securely stored. The large size and high capacity of vaults make storage expenses low. They also always include insurance.

The withdrawal of your investment – in cash or actual gold- made it easy for you. If in cash – the amount will be wired and land in your account the next day; if in bullion – physical gold or silver – will be in your hands within 2 hours. You can withdraw any amount of money, any time.

Learn more about investing in Gold with World Markets.

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