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Yoga Burn Fitness Plans

Yoga Burn is a fitness and way of living improvement website. The programs help women take pleasure in happier, healthier way of lives. Zoe Bray-Cotton used her 10 years of personal training and Yoga instructing experience to design all of the health and fitness programs for women. She did this in alliance with the team of Digital Health Solutions Inc fitness professionals. The yoga products are now being used by women in lots of countries across the globe. Women who are attracted to the health, happiness and body shaping perks that solid yoga-fitness programs can provide. No gym subscriptions or exercise gear of any kind are needed to be part in these Yoga Burn programs.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

This unique fitness routine is crafted exclusively for women that would like to work on shaping, toning and sculpting their whole body. While at the same time, shedding fat and enjoying the incredible rewards of yoga at the same time. The key to the efficiency of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge lies in the revolutionary form of low impact resistance training. This is also referred to as Extension Training.

Participants in the program help each other in the Facebook community group with over 1 million members. Zoe also exchanges tips and yoga routines on her Instagram page.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a qualified yoga teacher, accredited personal trainer and fitness specialist. She coached all major forms and types of Yoga for over a decade. She coached in several of most well known and celebrated gyms in North America as well as Yoga Studios. Zoe is the founder of the Yoga Burn follow along plan for women.

Yoga Burn Reviews from Customers

I love Yoga Burn Programs. I have the YB Kickstart Kit as my first work out and then when I finished I leveled up to Booty Challenge that got me so pumped up that when the Total Body Challenge came in I splurge and got it. Now I practice yoga everyday. I use the YB Kickstarter Restorative video when I am feeling stressed out at the end of work, and start my day with Total Body Challenge and Booty Babes the moment I wake up just before I eat breakfast. It’s part of my routine now for almost a year and so happy with the results that I am not worried about my wedding dress not being able to fit just in time for my June Wedding.

Review By: Sheila Williams

I love yoga burn. Zoe is great explaining the exercises and I have improved a lot in the past two months I’ve been doing her program. Besides she has a great commitment with her followers and an amazing community of support of hundreds of women who are using the programs

Review By: Nancy Murillo

The internet is covered with testimonials about the Yoga programs. Because of the advantages of Yoga and popularity of Yoga Burn, bloggers tried out the programs to see if it really works.

Jeanie from BigBlueTest said “Another important benefit I have felt through yoga is an increase in my happiness levels.” Health and Fitness Vigilante praised the program saying “Trust me, after trying Yoga Burn, I wasn’t planning on going back to anything else!”

The Utah Health and Fitness Association wrote about the program. And the team at Health Review Fairy reviewed every detail in the Yoga Burn programs. They ranked the program 4.7 stars. Users on AuthorizedReviews ranked the programs 5 stars.

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  1. Tabetha Gardner - Reply

    I just received mine in the mail today. I’ve used the digital files. It’s easy to get started for stay at home moms who cannot make it to the gym for whatever reason. The price is fabulous.

  2. Melissa Gillen - Reply

    Very happy with my purchase, I received my dvds within 2 weeks of purchase (I live in the uk) had great email response and my messages are always answered. I enjoy the workouts as I can go at my own pace and repeat if required.

  3. Petra De Tursi - Reply

    I have been practising the Yoga Burn programs for years and I can say that they are the best ever! If you stick to the plan, you will definetely see results. I have basically purchased all the programs and I definetely reccommend all of them!

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  5. Yoga Workout - Reply

    I had tried this yoga program, and I would recommend it for other people who want to take an online yoga course. It does a great response and my questions always get answered, it’s a good experience for me.

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